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back in action

2013-07-28 16:21:44 by YourShadowedDestiny

Oh yeah
Now that I've graduated, now I have more of an idea of what I want to do! YES!

It had been an eventful hiatus.

It's been about a month since I last uploaded the introduction. It took me two months to create the first one since I have school and basketball. What? I have priorities! School stuff takes most of my time; I am a junior in High School. Homework amounts are unpredictable.

So, just wait a little while for the video to come out. I'm just glad that it reached 500 views in the past month, thank you Newgrounds! At least it's not an epic fail for me.

Wow, I must say, my video reached over 250 views on newgrounds. I thought most people would overlook it, like what they did on DeviantArt. Since alot of people here thought it was mediocre and can use improvement, I say I will take it into consideration.

Unfortunately, the video isn't compatable for youtube. But who gives a shit?

Enjoy this Hamtaro thing I found somewhere.

LSitU: Progress Report


2011-12-26 16:34:13 by YourShadowedDestiny

So... much... shit.

Food for thought

2010-10-10 11:21:49 by YourShadowedDestiny

Well, there is a meme on facebook that reminds me of "baby I like it" (Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull) that was featured on America's Got Talent. Seriously, I remember Lady Gaga play "Poker Face" on American Idol on 2009 and play "Just Dance" on Miss Universe 2008, I think.

Enough of pop culture ONTO THE MEMES!!!

If there was a Newgrounds flash that picks out the funniest of the "Baby I like it on (Insert favorite place)", then maybe it will get a ton of hits for wittiness and comical humor, at least in my mind, or, like usual, when I suggest it, repel others xD.

It was just a thought, other people must've thought about it, right?

Tart update 4

2010-09-26 14:40:39 by YourShadowedDestiny

Well, Sophmore year started a few weeks ago and I;m very busy, I lately cannot finish the project. It will be postponed for a while. I barely have the right materials and this is a huge project for me. Well, I go in over my head often. I am thinking that no one wants to help me in the animation.

Tart update 3

2010-08-29 14:44:28 by YourShadowedDestiny

I tried to upload my animation test on newgrounds (I used windows movie maker). However It requires a file thingy called .swf, which I don't know how to put it on my animation test though. I used save as.

I am finding this series really hard to do. I think I need to find a co- animator to compile the movie together. I think the term is programmer.

(My Altar Ego: Yeah, more of your lame flaws in your "Flash" Shadow, are you ever gonna do this right? School is starting in 10 days.)

People at the top of the pecking order are waiting, my friends are waiting, my crew is waiting, EVERYONE IS WAITING!!!


TART Update 2

2010-08-22 10:44:54 by YourShadowedDestiny

Okay, shadow here!

Quick update:

-I will be planning on doing the writing by myself, I felt too worried when I hired RockOn12 to take a turn with the writing.

-QueenOfHearts is now on the TART crew, she will be voice acting

-My computer was broken for 2 days, now it is fixed

-Still going to be in half-anime-half-manga
--I hope NG allows content created on windows live movie maker. Yeah, kind of lame. My work is usually drawn on paint
---Adobe photoshop requires an account to download the free trial, and a toolbar thing, so does the flash animating tool Tom talked about.
----I just don't want my computer to crash, my mom having to spend all of her paycheck, and my phone constantly buzzing for useless files to download. Sorry

-School will be starting soon on September the 8th. So I am working against the clock and patience of my crew.

So yeah, stay dilligent my fellow newgrounders (wow, that was nerdy)

TART Update 1

2010-08-17 09:44:03 by YourShadowedDestiny

Crew News
Episode News

Hello everyone! This is YourShadowedDestiny speaking, Wellcome to the first TART Update. TART is the Aventures of Rya and Tara.

Crew News
Currently, I am still hiring staff for TART, so far we have:
EyesAdrift (voice actor)
RockOn12 (Co-writer)
YourShadowedDestiny (Co-writer/ Animator)
We need a female voice actor as well (I don't want Adrift to get all stressed out over multiple parts). But for now I need to make the episodes

Episode News
I am going to hold off on making the episodes just yet because I am still making the characters. I finished the female main characters (there are only 4 of them) and will go on with the male main character (only 2 of them). I still need to make the side characters (the normal extra characters and the villans).
So cross your fingers!

Personally, TART is from Hatena, I made that. I haven't told the people on Hatena yet. I will inform them.
Besides, it will be different from the hatena version.

So, that is all the time I had, Bye!